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To ensure proper accounting, all the vouchers of your business need to be collected conscientiously. Apart from the recording of vouchers, cost planning and performance control are also essential aspects of an optimal accounting system.

Taking charge of your accounting therefore also involves short-term performance analysis:

Such analysis gives you a general notion of the trend in your income and expenditure. The information tells you about your company’s situation and lets you take the action necessary in a timely manner.

We adjust the range of the accountancy to your company:

Whether you are obliged to submit income statements or draw up balance sheets, our accounting services are organised to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Naturally, you also have the option of performing all or part of your accounting yourself: In this case, we would be happy to recommend the proper accounting software for you, give seminars for your accounting staff, and inform you of relevant changes in tax law.

We offer the following “accounting” services:

  • Allocating current transactions to the proper accounts and entering them properly in the IT system
  • Ongoing reconciliation of the accounts
  • Management of accounts receivable and payable
  • Organisation of the accounting system
  • Reporting on your business trend
  • Writing up short-term performance reports


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