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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Expert economic advice is marked by quick identification, clear definition and detailed analysis of problem areas. Our experienced team will work out custom-made solutions that take your economic and legal points of view. Once put into practice, those solutions will ensure your company’s success.

In the face of strong competition, all market players need to take business principles into account.

We will stand by your side to help you evaluate all your business issues:

Work together with us to plan all your fundamental business decisions and find the best solution for your company.
Sustainable optimisation of your company’s performance requires forward-looking tools and long-term planning of all your company’s requirements..

Our business advice includes the following services:

  • Implementation of cost/performance accounting
  • Advice on calculation issues
  • Working out strategies and business plans
  • Budgeting with target/actual analyses
  • Company valuations
  • Preparing and adjusting business plans
  • Business planning: strategic comparative and budget accounting in connection with financing and financial investment decisions, with investments and recruiting of staff
  • Tax and business advice in connection with financial investment and other investment decisions
  • Break-even calculations


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